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Police misconduct is inexcusable

When you were growing up in New Mexico or some other place, your parents may have taught you to respect law enforcement officers and that you could trust them to help you in a time of need. For example, parents often teach their kids to look for a security guard or police officer if they accidentally get lost or separated from their parents in a crowd. This is why no adult expects police misconduct to occur during a traffic stop or other encounter.

Sadly, however, there have been numerous cases where police have used excessive force when making arrests. There have also been unlawful arrests and many other types of police misconduct in this state and throughout the country. Police take an oath acknowledging their duty to protect the lives and property of the people in the communities they serve.

Police misconduct often includes these 3 issues

If you have experienced any of the following issues, you may have grounds for filing a police misconduct complaint:

·       Use of unnecessary force: Police are not allowed to physically abuse you. If you are not resisting arrest or threatening an officer’s or the public’s safety, there is no cause to use excessive force.

·       Civil rights violation: Police must adhere to stringent protocol for executing a search or making an arrest. Unlawful searches or seizures and arrests often constitute civil rights violations.

·       Misuse of authority: This is an abuse of position. An example of a police officer misusing authority might be an officer threatening or coercing someone to perform sexual favors in connection with a criminal investigation.

When police misconduct occurs, there are legal steps an individual can take to seek accountability and restitution. It is always advisable to seek legal support before heading to court.

You do not have to navigate legal proceedings on your own

Police are sworn to protect and uphold the law. Abuse of power is a serious issue. The Law Office of Ryan J. Villa, in New Mexico, provides aggressive and effective legal support to those who have fallen victim to police misconduct. By scheduling a consultation, you can begin the process of seeking justice.