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Strong Advocates For People Facing Drunk Driving Charges

Have you been charged with a drunk driving offense in New Mexico? The attorneys at the Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC are here to provide you with experienced criminal defense representation. We are proven advocates for people accused of DWI/DUI and other criminal offenses in Albuquerque and throughout the surrounding areas.

Asking Important Questions

Drunk driving cases are complex and fact-specific. In defending our clients against DWI/DUI charges, we aggressively seek facts that expose weaknesses in the state’s case, asking questions about:

  • The stop: Did police have reasonable suspicion to pull you over?
  • The breath test: Was the breath test machine properly calibrated and maintained? Was it operated by qualified personnel?
  • The field sobriety test: Did a physical limitation other than intoxication make the test difficult to perform?

The best way to handle a tough DWI/DUI case is to mount an aggressive defense from the outset. Even if the evidence against you seems strong, there are proven defense strategies we can employ on your behalf.

Defending You On All Fronts

A drunk driving charge entails legal proceedings in the criminal court system as well as administrative proceedings pertaining to your driver’s license. Our attorneys can protect your rights in both of these crucial areas, fighting to help you avoid fines, probation jail time and other criminal penalties while working to help you maintain your driving privileges.

Keeping A DUI/DWI Charge Off Your Record

It is very difficult to get charges expunged in New Mexico. If you have been charged with DUI/DWI, your best chance of keeping it off your permanent record is to vigorously fight the charge. We can help you explore all the legal strategies available to you so that this charge has the smallest possible impact on your life.

Federal Drunk Driving Charges

Although not common, it is possible to get charged with federal drunk driving charges if you were arrested while on federal property, such as a military base or national park. Whether you face state or federal charges, our attorneys have the experience to defend your rights and your future.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Many people derail their own DWI/DUI case by saying or doing the wrong thing after an arrest. You can avoid such mistakes by talking to an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

Our DWI/DUI defense lawyers are here to help you make the right decisions going forward. For a free legal consultation regarding a drunk driving charge in New Mexico, call our law offices at 505-445-7097 or contact us online.