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Civil Law Attorneys Handling A Full Range Of Torts

Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC is in the practice of law to protect the rights and interests of clients in a wide range of life circumstances. Our experienced trial lawyers pursue justice for people who have been wronged by others through a variety of legal remedies, including:

  • Cases based on negligence: We represent people injured in a motor vehicle accident or on someone else’s property such as a dog bite or other injury. If you were injured and believe someone else’s negligence may have been the cause, request a free evaluation of the facts by one of our personal injury lawyers.
  • Allegations of intentional harm: We stand up for the rights of people who have been assaulted and injured by others. Civil rights violations, domestic violence and other violent crimes may define the wrongdoing in such cases.
  • Strict liability claims: Perhaps you were injured on private property or bitten by a dog and although the property owner or dog’s owner did nothing wrong, there is a legal basis for pursuing compensation from that owner.
  • Product liability claims: A manufacturer or vendor may be held accountable for injuries caused by dangerous and defective products that they produced and/or sold, even if they did not intend to harm the public.

These legal actions are all example of torts, which the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as “wrongful act[s]… for which relief may be obtained in the form of damages or an injunction.” Our civil litigation lawyers are well-equipped to evaluate your injuries and losses to determine the most appropriate legal pathway to justice and compensation.

Watch Out For These Defenses

Common defenses that sometimes stand in the way of a claim for justice and compensation include arguments that the plaintiff made one of these mistakes:

  • They were partially or fully responsible for their own injuries through carelessness, for example.
  • They knowingly assumed the risk of injury. Legal opponents may point to waivers that injured plaintiffs signed.
  • Their side brought a defective claim due to timing or other reasons. The attorney on the side of the defense may claim that an injured person is no longer eligible to file a claim or lawsuit after missing the deadline specified in the statute of limitations.

When our trial lawyers represent you in any tort case, you have our assurance that we will work hard to protect the integrity of your claim. Through awareness of these and other common defenses, we will painstakingly position your case for a successful outcome. You can expect clear communications and education designed to prepare you to make the right decisions as your case moves forward.

Get A Lawyer’s Review Of Your Options After An Injury Or Loss

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