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Get An Aggressive Defense Started After An Arrest Or Accusation

When you have been charged with a crime, your freedom and your future are on the line. Your response to an investigation, an accusation or an arrest should be clear: You must hold onto and exercise your rights. Get your defense headed in the right direction as follows:

  • Contact a respected, proven trial lawyer who will personally stand with you every step of the way.
  • Keep silent outside of your interactions with your attorney. Don’t talk to the police or a private investigator about your case before getting legal counsel. What you say will get used against you.
  • Share your recollections in confidence with your lawyer.
  • Don’t talk to other people about your allegations. You may let your family know that you are collaborating with a well-respected defense attorney.

At Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC, in Albuquerque, we are ready to defend you skillfully and zealously after an arrest on charges of:

If your civil rights were violated in connection with an arrest, we are ready to turn the tables and bring the offenders to justice on your behalf. Since 2014, we have been fighting for our clients with skill and determination. We believe in your constitutional rights and will work hard to protect them. We are determined to do what it takes to protect you throughout a felony or misdemeanor investigation, hearing, or trial.

As Your Case Progresses, We Will Be There For You

The sooner we are on your side, the more aggressively and decisively we can strive to:

  • Keep you out of jail or get you released from jail before a trial
  • Defend you vigorously before a prosecutor, jury, and/or judge in hearings and/or at trial
  • Present compelling arguments in support of dropping or lowering the charges
  • Argue to eliminate or get penalties reduced
  • Push for alternatives to jail time, such as with a deferment or probation
  • Prevent the creation of a criminal record and/or sex crime registry
  • Appeal a conviction, if necessary
  • Pursue an expungement as soon as possible in case of a conviction or a dismissal.

We are experienced in all phases and aspects of state and federal misdemeanor and felony charges in New Mexico, including federal drug, sex, white-collar and violent criminal charges.

Beware Of Quick Plea Bargains

Many prosecutors hold out plea bargains like carrots, hoping to obtain a conviction by any means. Rest assured that we will not allow the legal system to play games with our clients. Our goal is to obtain the best outcome that we can for you. If you become our client, we are on your side to fight for you. By the time you need to make a critical decision in your case, you will be well informed and ready to act in your best interests.

Take Action Now

The earlier we start advocating for you, the greater opportunities there will be for a favorable outcome. Please do not delay. Schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney at Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC by calling 505-445-7097 or completing our online inquiry form.