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Police Abuse: We Fight Against Police Brutality

At Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC, our attorneys fight to protect your civil rights and fight back against police brutality. We are especially passionate about holding those in power accountable for their actions, especially when it comes to civil rights violations. With an office in Albuquerque, we serve clients in New Mexico who need help fighting back against the government’s abuse of power and police misconduct.

Police Misconduct: Violating An Oath

Law enforcement officers take an oath. They acknowledge their duty to serve the community and safeguard lives and property. They promise to protect the innocent and weak against oppression and deception. They promise to respect the constitutional rights of everyone they serve. When a police officer breaks this oath and these promises it can be devastating. More than anything, breaking this oath is an abuse of their power.

Abuse of police power can include:

  • Use of excessive force: If an officer is aggressive or rough when a perpetrator is not resisting, following directions or being handcuffed, this is excessive force and abuse of police power. The use of excessive force is physical abuse.
  • False arrest: If an officer conducts an unlawful search or seizure this is not only an abuse of power but a civil rights violation.
  • Misuse of position: If an officer uses their status as a police officer for an unlawful purpose or personal gain, this is an abuse of power. This includes any instance of sexual misconduct or assault where a law enforcement officer used their position of power to coerce a victim to engage in sexual activity.

At the Law Office of Ryan J. Villa LLC, we fight to hold police officers and law enforcement accountable when they abuse their power and break their oath to serve and protect the people.

Reporting An Incident Of Police Brutality

When a crime occurs, the first instinct of most is to call the police. When the person committing the crime or abuse is a law enforcement officer themselves, who can you call? Naturally, anyone would hesitate to call the police about an incident involving the police. In Albuquerque, there are specific steps you can take to report police misconduct.

If you have been abused by a police officer and are considering reporting an instance of misconduct or brutality, we can help. By hiring a civil rights attorney to guide you through and help you take the necessary steps to file a complaint against law enforcement, you can feel more comfortable and protected. We will fight for you to get you the justice you deserve.

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