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New Mexico man charged with crime while in jail

In March, police detectives said they witnessed video footage that led them to take a New Mexico man into custody. Investigators claim the video shows the man in question involved in a shooting in a downtown area. The man’s photo was recently published in a local newspaper regarding the incident.

A day after the news article hit the stands, an individual stepped forward to file a criminal complaint against the same man. This person claims that he recognized the man in the photo. He accused him of a violent crime, which allegedly was pistol-whipping him in a road rage incident.

Being charged with a crime does not necessarily lead to conviction

These two cases are separate, and the accused individual is entitled to due process in both. Cases involving photographic identification or film footage are complex. Images may be blurry. There is also a risk of mistaken identity because a person in a photo might simply look a lot like another person. If someone facing trial has an alibi about their whereabouts at the time the alleged crime was committed, an experienced defense attorney can use the information to challenge the so-called evidence.

Being charged with a crime often has immediate and far-reaching implications, especially when it involves a serious matter like homicide or other acts of violence. It is always best to request defense support as soon as an arrest has taken place. This is especially true if the person in custody believes that their legal rights were violated, such as unlawful search and seizure or excessive use of force by a police officer.