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Civil rights laws ran rampant in this prison

When people are serving jail time in New Mexico, they are still entitled to safety. Prison guards owe a duty of care to inmates. If an individual falls ill or suffers injury and needs medical attention, it must be provided. Food, clothing and shelter must be provided. What is never supposed to happen is for civil rights laws to be violated, such as a case in another state where female prisoners were being sexually assaulted by prison officials.

The problem has reportedly been going on for a long time and has escalated. One person stated that sexual abuse was so common in the facility that it was colloquially referred to as “the rape club.” Federal investigators raided the prison, which led to the dismissal of several people, including the warden.

Fighting back against civil rights violations

A class action lawsuit was filed and at least one person claims that prison officials retaliated against her for joining the lawsuit as a plaintiff. Eight prison employees were charged with sexual assault against inmates. Five entered guilty pleas and two others were convicted after a jury trial.

The problem festered for several years before the FBI raided the facility. It takes a lot of courage to speak out against civil rights violations, especially when it involves someone in authority sexually assaulting those who are vulnerable. In such cases, anyone wishing to file a legal claim will want to first meet with an experienced civil rights law attorney.