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Were your rights violated over the course of your arrest?

It is incredibly intimidating to be under arrest. Regardless of why you are in the custody of police, you have the right to proper treatment. You have certain rights, including the right to a defense, the right to know the charges against you and more. If you experienced a violation of your rights during your arrest or during any interaction with law enforcement, you do not have to remain silent.

Each person will benefit from having an understanding of their rights. When you know your rights, you will be in a better position from which you can defend yourself and fight back against unfair actions from law enforcement and others. It is helpful to know what to expect in case you are ever under investigation or you find yourself taken into police custody for any reason.

Know your rights

Regardless of the suspicions against you or the nature of the charges filed against you, there are limits to how law enforcement can treat you, how long they can hold you without charging you and how they can question you. You have the following rights during and after arrest:

  • Law enforcement should tell you that they can use anything you say against you.
  • Questioning stops immediately when you state that you want an attorney.
  • You may remain silent if you choose to do so.
  • Legal representation is available to you, even if you can’t afford it on your own.
  • Law enforcement cannot hold you unfairly or for an extended period without charging you with a crime.
  • The police will not subject you to any cruel, unusual or tortuous treatment while in custody.
  • The court grants you a speedy trial if requested.

You have the right to seek counsel regarding a potential violation of your rights. You do not have to wonder if something was wrong, but instead, you can empower yourself with the information necessary to fight for your future interests.

Defending your future

Your future is at stake when facing criminal charges of any kind in New Mexico. You will benefit from seeking professional assistance as soon as possible regarding your defense options and how to fight back against a violation of your constitutional rights. With guidance, you can fight for your future, and you can pursue the most beneficial outcome to your case, regardless of the charges against you.