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Defending against accusations of identity theft

When facing accusations of any type of crime, you know that your future is at stake. If these accusations lead to formal criminal charges, you could be facing time behind bars, expensive fines and more if convicted. It is in your interests to take your situation seriously, especially if the court has not yet charged you or the crime does not involve an element of violence. All criminal allegations, including those related to white-collar crime, are serious if they are a threat to your personal freedom and future interests.

White-collar crimes are crimes committed with the intent of financial gain. They come in various forms, but identity theft is one of the most common and fastest growing areas of concern. If you face charges for this type of crime, you will benefit from seeking guidance regarding your defense options. You have the right to confront any case against you.

The elements of a white-collar criminal charge

White-collar crime is essentially the misuse of another person’s information without his or her permission or knowledge. The intent of using someone’s information is to gain access to sensitive information or some type of financial gain. It can happen with unlawful access when using the internet, or it can happen with the theft of credit cards, bank statements or other sensitive documents. This is a growing area of crime, and the federal government will prosecute these offenses to the fullest extent of the law.

Once an unauthorized person has access to another person’s information, he or she can use it to open new credit cards, remove funds from checking accounts and more. Several federal agencies investigate and prosecute identity theft, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Trade Commission and the Internal Revenue Service. These cases can be complicated to investigate and prosecute as identity theft often takes place on the internet.

Fighting for your future

It is important not to underestimate the serious nature of the case against you. If charged with identity theft in New Mexico, you will benefit from seeking guidance regarding the most beneficial course of action for your defense. With a properly constructed defense strategy, you may be able to effectively confront the case against you and seek the most beneficial outcome to your case.