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Criminal defense on tap for man after police chase

New Mexico police recently received a call regarding domestic violence and a stolen vehicle. When they spoke with a woman at the residence involved, she told them the altercation was verbal, not physical. She also stated that the vehicle was not stolen because the man who drove away in it was listed as an owner. A criminal defense attorney often provides support to people following incidents like this.

Police say the 39-year-old man in question reportedly removed an ankle monitor he was wearing before leaving the residence in a white SUV. The events that unfolded resulted in the man’s arrest and at least nine criminal charges. An officer heading south on State Road 63 claims to have made eye contact with the driver of the white SUV, which was heading in the opposite direction at the time. The officer said that as he navigated a U-turn to pursue the vehicle, the vehicle also turned around; a chase began.

Numerous vehicles veered off the road

Police say the SUV driver was speeding. They also claim that several times, he drove straight into the path of oncoming vehicles without braking. Numerous vehicles and a bicyclist veered off the road during the police chase. The pursuing officers later said it was because the SUV was headed straight for them.

A collision occurred between the SUV and a police vehicle. The SUV driver allegedly exited his vehicle and did damage to the police vehicle. He is also accused of throwing an object at a police officer. He was arrested and is now facing numerous charges in New Mexico, including aggravated assault. Every person taken into police custody must be afforded an opportunity to secure criminal defense support, which most people do as soon as they’re permitted to make a phone call.