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Civil rights protect against health care discrimination

The U.S. Constitution protects people in New Mexico and elsewhere in the United States in many ways. For example, there is protection against unfair treatment based on identifying factors, such as age, sex, skin color or ethnicity. This discriminatory behavior is unlawful and there are specific options for legal recourse. Sadly, many people encounter discrimination in places like nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities.

Anyone who resides in the United States is entitled to receive health care services in a nondiscriminatory manner. It would be unlawful, for instance, for a hospital to deny health care to a person because of race or ethnicity. Despite this, it still occurs. In addition, disabled individuals have also encountered discrimination on many occasions throughout the country.

Legal recourse for violations of civil rights

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Disabilities Act of 1990 protect people from being denied health care or certain benefits due to discriminatory issues. When a violation of civil rights occurs, immediate steps can be taken to right the wrong. Many individuals have filed lawsuits against civil rights offenders and have won.

If a person in New Mexico suffers financially, emotionally and/ or physically due to discrimination, a meeting with a civil rights attorney may help. A lawyer can review the circumstances of the discrimination to determine if there are grounds for filing a lawsuit. When there are, then the attorney can step in and act on behalf of the plaintiff to seek restitution for damages.