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New Mexico man accused of murder

A New Mexico man reportedly told police that he had been sober for six years until he began drinking alcohol with his girlfriend on a recent Saturday night. The officers had responded to a 911 call, which they believe the man had made after witnessing blood coming out of his girlfriend’s nose when he tried to wake her the next morning. The situation led to the man’s arrest and subsequent murder charges against him.

Sadly, the girlfriend was dead. Investigators say they questioned the man about bruises and scrapes he had on his face. He apparently told them that he often falls. A medical examiner determined that the woman died from blunt force trauma, including a skull fracture.

Police say a bullet casing was found near the body

Investigators say that an empty bullet casing was part of the evidence they collected from the apparent crime scene. It was lying near the woman’s body. There were other items on the floor, such as household objects and broken glass.

The accused is being held in a county jail

The man is now being held in a county jail. Murder investigations can take months or even longer to complete. Every accused individual is guaranteed due process under the law, including an opportunity to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney, who can make recommendations regarding what type of plea to enter, as well as various strategies that may help secure the best possible outcome.