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Housing discrimination violates civil rights

When someone tries to rent a house or an apartment in New Mexico, any number of issues might arise to delay or prevent the transaction. For instance, many landlords conduct a tenant background check before signing a lease agreement. Financial issues may also come into play. One issue that has kept some people from being able to rent a home, however, is not typical nor is it lawful. That issue is known as housing discrimination.

Housing discrimination occurs if a landlord refuses to rent a house or apartment to a particular person because of his or her race, ethnicity, gender or other identifying factors. To do so would be a violation of the person’s civil rights. Not only are there state laws that prohibit such behavior, but there are also federal and even local laws that govern such issues, as well.

Protecting prospective tenants from discrimination

The Fair Housing Act was enacted in 1968. It protects anyone attempting to rent or buy a home from discrimination by sellers, lenders or landlords. This protection extends beyond race, gender and ethnicity. It also prohibits housing discrimination based on religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

What to do if a New Mexico landlord discriminatory against you

A person who is denied the opportunity to rent a home in New Mexico because of discrimination may seek justice in a civil court. Cases like this can be challenging to prove, which is why it is always best to seek legal assistance before heading to court. An attorney who is experienced in civil rights litigation can advocate on a client’s behalf to ensure that he or she obtains a fair outcome.