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Woman accused of murder in New Mexico

A man in New Mexico recently served time in jail in connection with a domestic assault. His girlfriend was reportedly good friends with another woman, whom police say conspired to have the man killed as an act of revenge on behalf of her friend, who was assaulted by the man in question.

Investigators say they confiscated information from the woman’s cellphone. The information supposedly includes text messages between the woman and others regarding an alleged plan to track down the man after he was released from jail. Police say the texts also show that the woman was trying to obtain firearms and a vehicle.

Police have charged several others with various crimes as well

Police say that the man got out of jail and was at a particular apartment when a car full of people pulled up outside. At some point, the man reportedly went out to speak with the people and an altercation took place. Someone fired shots at the man, which proved fatal.

New Mexico investigators later found the vehicle several miles away in an empty lot. It had been lit on fire. Several people are facing arson charges in connection with the incident. The woman who was arrested is charged with murder. A man who has also been charged with murder remains at large. All other suspects are in police custody. Each defendant, including the woman who is accused of murder, will be given an opportunity to present a defense in court; most defendants act alongside experienced legal support when accused of a violent crime, such as murder.