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New Mexico man charged with murder

Deputies from the Lea County Sheriff’s Department joined efforts with Tatum Police to investigate a discovery that was recently made at an abandoned gin near an intersection in Tatum. A body had been found in the area. When investigators arrived, they spoke with someone who reportedly provided them with information regarding an alleged murder. 

The person is said to have told investigators that a murder had taken place at the end of July in another location that was not far away from where the body was found. The informant then led the law enforcement officers to the exact spot at the abandoned gin where the body was lying. Police say they spoke with several other people before deciding to take a particular man into custody.  

Numerous criminal charges have since been filed 

The 19-year-old man who was arrested is now facing multiple criminal charges. He is accused of murder, as well as tampering with evidence, kidnapping and more. While awaiting arraignment, the man was being held in a Lea County Detention Center. The body was transported to a medical examiner’s office so that an autopsy can take place. 

Serious criminal charges require a strong defense 

When prosecutors file murder charges against someone, the accused individual can expect them to aggressively try to prove their case in court. However, a defendant must have an opportunity to present a defense. Various issues may affect the ultimate outcome of a case, especially if the accused individual can show that a personal rights violation took place in the arrest process, or evidence corroborates an alibi or mistaken identity, etc., which may challenge the veracity of the formal accusations. It is always best to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity.