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Will you have to stay in jail while awaiting trial?

After an arrest, law enforcement may take you to the police station where you could be photographed, fingerprinted and formally booked on specific charges. After this point, you may be in jail as you wait the next step in your criminal case. Until your trial, however, you may be able to pursue an option that allow you to secure pretrial release. This is not an option in each case, and you may benefit from learning more about how you can secure your freedom after an arrest.

It is natural to want to get out of a New Mexico jail as fast as possible after an arrest. If you are behind bars while you wait for the next step in the process, you could be waiting for months. In the meantime, you will not be able to work or care for your family. If you are able to post bail, you may be able to wait for your trial and prepare your defense strategy from outside of a jail cell.

The process of posting bail

One of the first steps to take after an arrest is to explore the possibility of posting bail. This is not an option in every case, but there may be a hearing that will determine if you will be allowed to do this. Setting bail can happen at the arraignment or during the first time you appear before a judge. Bail is essentially a conditional release arrangement in which you are able to leave jail in exchange for a certain amount of money.

If you do not show up for your future court dates, you forfeit any money or property given to the court as a condition of your release. You must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for pretrial release, including a promise to refrain from criminal activity and assurance you will appear for future court dates. You must also inform the court of any address changes.

Seeking the best outcome

After an arrest, you will benefit from a full understanding of all of the defense options available to you. This includes how to seek bail, if you are eligible, and how you can effectively confront the case against you. You would be wise not to delay in learning about the specific steps you can take as soon as possible after an arrest.