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New Mexico police make arrest for drug crimes

New Mexico law enforcement officers, including a specialized team of narcotics detectives, recently combined efforts with federal investigators to work on a case that ultimately resulted in a man’s arrest. The Drug Enforcement Administration sent an undercover agent to a motel. The man was later arrested and is accused of selling illegal drugs to the officer.

Police claim that the defendant was “working” out of the motel and obtaining drug customers from a nearby local park. The man allegedly sold the undercover DEA agent one pound of methamphetamine at the motel. Investigators say that other undercover agents also made other purchases, including heroin, fentanyl and firearms from the same person.

Not the first time the defendant has been in trouble with the law

When someone is facing drug charges in New Mexico or another state, his or her criminal record often comes into play in court. In this case, the man in question is said to have been sentenced to prison in the past for crimes related to car theft and illegal drugs. No matter how many times a person has been arrested and charged with crimes, he or she is always guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense in court.

Refuting drug charges

Issues that are often relevant in a case where a person is charged with drug crimes include personal rights violations, mistaken identity and alibis. Any of these issues can have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome of a case. It is important that a defendant is not only aware of his or her rights but knows where to seek support to help defend them in court. In cases where the court hands down a conviction, it is still helpful to retain experienced criminal defense support because an attorney may be able to secure a lighter sentence or otherwise help mitigate the circumstances.