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New Mexico man planning criminal defense

New Mexico police recently responded to an incident that reportedly took place at a gas station on a Sunday evening. Police were told that shots had been fired at the location. After speaking with several people at the scene, police went looking for a man believed to have fired the gun.

Police say they located the man, age 53, at a home on Virginia Avenue, but he refused to approach and speak with them when asked to do so. Police say that the man was holding a gun and that he began moving around the premises while firing the weapon in their direction. A lengthy standoff ensued, but sometime after midnight, the man was taken into custody.

No one suffered injuries in either incident

Reportedly, no one suffered injuries when gun shots were fired at the gas station and, later, at the residence where the man was located. Police apparently relied on a tactical team to provide support during the standoff that ultimately led to the man’s arrest. No information was provided as to whether the defendant made any verbal statements regarding his behavior prior to arrest.

An arrest is the beginning of the adjudication process

When New Mexico police arrest someone, if criminal charges are filed, it activates an adjudication process, which may take weeks, months or even longer to unfold. No one may be accused of a crime without being provided an opportunity to refute the charges against in court. During proceedings, it is helpful to rely on experienced legal representation to protect applicable legal rights and to pursue the best possible outcome.