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Several charged with fatal crimes in New Mexico

Several recent incidents in New Mexico resulted in multiple fatalities. These events occurred in Santa Fe County but are not otherwise connected in any way. Over the course of six days, there were reportedly six violent deaths in the county. In each situation, arrests were made and charges filed against those who were taken into custody.  

One of the arrests took place on a Friday. A man was charged with fatally stabbing his mother. Police say the man is from Edgewood. A police officer also sent out an email on a recent Monday stating that there had been a fatal shooting near St. Michael’s Drive. The person police suspect of firing the gun was taken into custody.  

Retired firefighter and a police officer died in a high-speed chase 

In addition to these arrests, a woman has been charged for murder following the deaths of two people. One of the victims was a police officer, the other a retired firefighter. The woman was being pursued in a high-speed police chase, headed the wrong way in traffic, which ultimately resulted in a collision that caused both deaths.  

These defendants all have something in common 

While these three cases are not directly connected, each accused individual is guaranteed an opportunity to refute the charges in court. American jurisprudence demands due process, which includes allowing a person charged with a crime to present a defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a defendant determine what the best defense strategy might be in a his or her specific circumstances.