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A man says he was targeted based on race

A 39-year-old man had been dining out with a woman friend when their evening was disrupted by strangers. The man later told police that an older man approached him after the meal and pointed a gun at him. He also said the man threatened him, and he believes the incident was sparked by bigotry. New Mexico residents concerned about similar issues may want to follow this case. 

The man who was reportedly threatened at gun point is Black. The woman with whom he was dining before the stranger approached is white. The incident occurred after dinner as the Black man sat in his vehicle in the parking lot. 

The man says he believes the gunman acted with prejudice 

 The local police promptly investigated after being alerted to the incident. The man believes the man who accosted him was upset because he was in the restaurant with a white woman. The Attorney General of Maine, which is where the incident occurred, filed a complaint against the 61-year-old man who apparently pointed the gun. The case is pending in the State Supreme Court under the Maine Civil Rights Act on behalf of the man who was confronted by the stranger.  

Local officials issued a public statement 

Town officials told reporters that they take accusations of racism very seriously and are committed to acting swiftly and justly to resolve such issues in their community. Anyone who believes their rights have been violated based on race or other protected status may ask a New Mexico attorney experienced in civil rights litigation to review his or her case. Every person has a right to enjoy dining out without fear of violence from a stranger.