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Police tase man inside a trailer in New Mexico

New Mexico police are not permitted to use unnecessary force to restrain a person who is suspected of a crime. In many cases, questions arise as to what, exactly, constitutes unnecessary or excessive force. A recent incident occurred between police officers and a man inside a trailer. The man’s girlfriend reportedly told police he was unarmed; yet, police say the man himself told them he had a gun.

Tempers were flaring and people were yelling

Police say they were unsure whether the man in question was in possession of a firearm when they were dispatched to the trailer in response to a report of domestic violence. One officer stated that the man was holed up in a back room of the trailer and was yelling at the officers, saying he had three weapons in the room with him. However, the man’s girlfriend, who was also present, can be heard on video from a lapel camera an officer was wearing, begging officers not to shoot her boyfriend because he was unarmed.

Police say man charged at them

The man is accused of causing damage to a window in the trailer, moments before he allegedly came barging out of the room, charging at the police officers. He is said to have shouted the words, “Let’s go!” at the officers. It was at that moment that police tased the man. Police claim that the woman was covered in blood when they arrived. They also said the man has a prior history of arrest for aggravated assault.

The man is now facing criminal charges

After the tasing, police took the man into custody. He has since been charged with several crimes, including resisting arrest and attempted battery of a police officer. When New Mexico police make an arrest, it is common for a defendant to request criminal defense support, which typically begins with a phone call to an attorney. From there, a defendant can determine what type of plea he or she wishes to enter in court if the case goes to trial.