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New Mexico man accused of shooting

New Mexico police have formally charged a man they believe has committed several crimes. On a recent Monday at approximately 1 p.m., police say another person was found with gunshot wounds. They suspect the man they arrested as the person who fired the weapon.

Liquor store where shooting took place is near a school

As the events unfolded that led to the man in question’s arrest, a nearby school went on lockdown. The liquor store where the shooting victim was found happens to be located near the school. Police say that they made the arrest because they believe he fired the gun and also attempted to steal the victim’s car.

Allegations do not automatically constitute convictions

Police took the man into custody. They say he has a criminal record that includes motorcycle theft and other crimes. However, the fact that a person has been charged with or convicted of a crime in the past does not necessarily mean he will be convicted of any new criminal charges that arise. That is for the court to determine based on the evidence presented. In the meantime, a defendant is guaranteed the right to legal counsel and the opportunity to present a defense.

Exploring criminal defense strategies ahead of time

Prosecutors must convince a judge or jury that a person charged with theft, assault or any other crime is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. An experienced criminal defense attorney is often able to successfully refute charges against a defendant in court. An accused individual may request a meeting with an attorney at any point in the process.