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Are people in New Mexico selling drugs online?

New Mexico police say that they have been conducting an investigation regarding the selling of illegal drugs throughout the state. Investigators say that they used various social media formats to help them find out who has been selling illegal drugs online. They have arrested 18 out of 34 suspects, all of whom are accused of using social media to sell illegal drugs in the Albuquerque region.  

The online investigation led to police seizing alleged illegal drugs 

Police say their drug investigation included the seizure of multiple substances that they have reason to believe are fentanyl pills, cocaine and methamphetamine. A representative from the First Judicial District Attorney’s office said that distribution of fentanyl is problematic throughout the state. Police in Albuquerque say they, too, used social media platforms in recent months to conduct drug task force operations.  

Prosecutors must prove that submitted evidence is an illegal drug 

When police seize a substance in connection with an arrest where a person is suspected of a drug crime, the substance in question must be secured through means in accordance with search and seizure regulations. It must also be sent to a laboratory for testing. There is such a thing as mistaking one substance for another; therefore, if submitting a substance as evidence in a drug crime trial, prosecutors must be able to show laboratory confirmation that the substance is, in fact, the illegal drug they claim it to be.  

What to do when facing arrest for a New Mexico drug crime 

It is always best to try to remain calm and to cooperate with police when being placed under arrest. If a New Mexico resident believes that a personal rights violation has occurred during or following an arrest, he or she may bring the matter to the court’s attention. It is a good idea to request legal representation before heading to court because an experienced criminal defense attorney can determine which type of defense strategy would be best in a specific case.