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The problems with facial recognition technology

Over the past few years, facial recognition software has become more popular in New Mexico. Airports, shopping malls and local authorities have adopted this technology to nab lawbreakers. Although the technology comes with a handful of benefits, there are several concerns regarding this technology. The privacy, legislation and safety of using this technology are wanting. Facial recognition technology has a database of driver’s licenses and mugshots that helps in comparing data. Biometrics are used to map facial features. The biometrics uses a mathematical formula to compare these facial features. Although the market has doubled in the past four years, there are still some concerns about using facial technology.

Privacy concerns

Although facial recognition technology is gaining traction countrywide, it has hit some hurdles in the recent past. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has advised that the facial features of a person are personal data. Thus, organizations that want to adopt this technology should seek consent. Installing this technology in shopping malls is violating the rights of customers who do not even realize that their data is being collected.


Most citizens are against facial recognition technology since they do not know how accurate it is. Over the past few months, multiple people have been wrongfully arrested due to facial recognition technology. Wrongfully arresting a person is among the main civil rights violations. More research needs to be carried out to improve the effectiveness of this technology.

Controlled environment

Most research on facial recognition technology is done in controlled environments. It also includes good lighting and an ideal environment. So what will happen when the conditions are different? Thus, many businesses have fallen for this trap. All concerns must be addressed to make the technology more effective.

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