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The benefits of the Mental Health Justice Act

Throughout the country, there is a growing awareness of the reality of mental illness and the importance of treatment. Conditions like depression, schizophrenia and autism affect families throughout New Mexico. The Mental Health Justice Act of seeks to defend the rights of those struggling with mental disorders.

Training mental health first responders

The proposed legislation seeks to decrease the number of encounters between mentally ill citizens and law enforcement officials. If your loved one is acting out due to a mental issue, a trained team of mental health first responders can address the situation instead of police.

Most mental health professionals have studied to work in clinical settings like hospitals. However, the most dangerous episodes do not take place in a controlled setting. The legislation will fund extra training that will prepare responders to work with people effectively on the streets.

Encouraging de-escalation

A loved one with a mental health condition can act unpredictably when under stress. If a police officer comes on the scene with flashing lights, a loud siren and shouted commands, it can make a bad situation worse. To prevent harmful encounters or civil rights violations, a team of mental health providers will help calm down the situation.

Promoting greater accountability

About a quarter of the population will deal with a mental issue in any given year. The Mental Health Justice Act is challenging communities to take greater accountability for how they protect the rights of individuals with mental illnesses.

Having a common health condition does not remove a person’s fundamental freedoms. If you or a loved one has been treated unfairly due to a mental illness, a lawyer may help you understand your rights.